Póg's Blog

Póg's Blog

Póg's Blog

This is a blog about Póg - an Irish Terrier who's handsome, smart, friendly and happy and makes a lot of strangers smile when they meet him.

Hello Everybody!

IntroductionPosted by Trish Anderson Fri, April 15, 2011 00:11:46
Welcome to my blog. For those of you who don't know much about my breed you can find out more at http://www.weloveirishterriers.com/

Over the coming months I'll tell you all about myself but for now I'm just introducing myself. Oh by the way, the other handsome fella in the banner photo is my toyfriend, Beckett. Look out for lots of photos of him and me in the future.

Fill in only if you are not real

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Posted by Trish Anderson Mon, April 18, 2011 20:37:45

You know I hadn't thought about that Fo! It probably was Beckett who chewed that Phillip Pullman book! OMG I'm soo going to chew his face off!

Posted by Fo Mon, April 18, 2011 20:26:53

Hi Pog!..super excited you have a blog!....cant wait to read all about your days...and nights living with Trish and how youre basically caring for her...and Id look out for Beckett too....that chap looks like he'd chew stuff during the night when youre asleep and then you'd get the blame the next day...hey maybe that s what happened that time I was on my holls at yours and that happened to that signed Philip Pullman book!?