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Póg's Blog

Póg's Blog

This is a blog about Póg - an Irish Terrier who's handsome, smart, friendly and happy and makes a lot of strangers smile when they meet him.


Póg's PonderingsPosted by John Holstead Mon, April 18, 2011 18:15:14

Photo Shoot

Póg's PonderingsPosted by Trish Anderson Mon, April 18, 2011 01:38:38

Today was a really happening day! Firstly, I had a lovely long walk in the park with Trish and my friend Maugie (I really like her and wag my tail a lot when I see her). I only tried to hump ONE dog which isn't bad by my standards but Trish pulled me away before things got really interesting- Spoilsport! Then we had a photo shoot and Maugie wanted a handsome man to pose with her so I had to oblige . . . After the photo shoot, I went for a spin in Maugie's sports car and I got to stick my head out of the window as she drove along. It was feckin' brilliant! Watch out people (and bitches) I'm coming to a park near YOU soon. Have a look at these photos. I mean Maugie's cool but I ROCK! Woof!

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